This is what I am This is what I am

"This is my spot and art gallery (if I can call it as well), I draw as a way of expression of those hidden feeling that lives in our deepest parts of our beings, I write in protest to encourage people to say what they think and I spoke to my opinion be heard"

About me:
"I'm a 16 years dude whit a big heart and a crazy mind. I effin love videogames and I enjoy reading a lot. I'm just another guy who knows a lot of stuff and never stop talking. I'm in high school and I'm an experienced bodybuilder. I like anime (pokemon, pokemon and more pokemon), creepy stuff, science, jokes, music (A7x, bruno mars, david guetta... a little bit of everything) and harvesting souls in my free time."
...oh and i speak english and spanish, so feel free to ask in any language you want.

If you want to make any request or just chat a little, start a chat! I'll be happy to talk with you!

My devianart:

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